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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm a Klutz with a capital K!!

I haven’t updated in 2 weeks (I had no idea, until one of my friends was kind enough to point this out). Apart from being so busy that I’m practically disabled.... I didn’t have anything to write about. Even today I don’t have anything much, but to keep my journal *ahem* *ahem* alive, I’m posting today. So I thought today I will enlighten you more about me.

Clumsiness is one of the best words to describe me. Call it my brilliance or others blindness, people don’t often associate clumsy to me. I will give u a few instances that prove that I deserve to be a strong contender on the list of top klutz in the world.

This one is very recent. It actually happened today. We had our annual award function today (with no music or dance or anything remotely cultural or colourful, I might as well add, so that you don’t get the wrong picture ;-)). I won the first prize in an elocution competition. I don’t think you can call it a prize because a) there were a total of six contenders. b) out of all of them I was the only one who spoke for 6 minutes. Anyway, that’s besides the point. So my name was called. I was pre-warned that the stage is a temporary one (a bunch of writing desks were put together that was covered with a rug) so I might want to be extra careful while climbing. The rug wasn’t smooth either. So there was 100 % chance of me tripping and falling. I trip on my own foot and fall down on a perfectly smooth, flat surface. So this dais was a killer in my eyes. I was careful not to step too hard on the bench and not to trip on the rug. Plus I had to remember to smile. With all these pre-occupation I climbed up and made it to the dignitaries without any major mishap. When the chief guest handed over the shield, he wasn’t really looking where he was giving. Neither was I. I some how managed to hold onto my certificate, but dropped the shield. My slow reflexes kicked in and I tried to grab it before it hit the floor. That was probably a very big mistake. The shield slipped from my hands a second time, as though it was being pulled away from me by a repulsive force. It hit on my knees and ricocheted. After a chaotic 30 seconds, in which I was groping around everybody’s legs and the dignitaries looking nervously around as though expecting a rat to jump up into their pants, I finally found the damn thing lodged in between my principal’s legs. Amidst raucous laughing and heightened embarrassment I finally walked down the dais without falling. My great achievement of not falling down on a dangerously slippery surface was marred by the debacle of prize receiving.

The other day, there was a power shut down at my place since morning. That meant the inverter was drained out. I had assignments and 4 test the following day. So I decided to go downstairs (I live in the first floor and my grand parents stay in the ground floor) and do my work. The inverter there still had some power left in it and I decided to use it to my benefit. It was dark of course, and I didn’t know that the staircase was wet and slippery. Apparently my sister had spilled water and she never bothered to clean up. I was loaded with books and stationary and wasn’t looking where I was walking. As u would have guessed I slipped and went down the flight of stairs. The funniest and weirdest part was that it took me almost a couple of minutes to realise that I have fallen down. One second I was upright and then the next I was tumbling down and finally found myself at the foot of the stairs. I had a badly broken ankle and even managed to scrap my knees. Needless to say I took leave the next day and faced hell at college. My parents a re still amazed at my ability to fall down at will. My friends think I’m hilarious. And I think I’m a Klutz with a capital K!!

These are just a few real life experiences of mine that I thought would make you all laugh. Its always best to poke fun at yourself rather that give a chance to others. 


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Jaya said...

and you say you are a seasoned dancer.. now i know why you get all the male roles :D

Songeuse said...

ha ha J, i get all the male roles for looking dashingly handsome yaar ;)

Jaya said...

dashing-ly handsome and dashing against even inanimate objects.. i like that :D

p.s. my mom used to call me pottenchangali.. for having no spatial awareness.. i have dashed against walls, of all things!

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