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A.N: This is a story written by me and I own the characters and plot(if you find one, that is). Any similarities to any person living or dead is purely coincidental!
I love Ananya Vishwanath. I mean, honest to goodness, I 'm head over heels in love with Ananya. This is the truth. This is the real thing. It is not just some stupid crush or infatuation that I might get over. No, I know she is the girl with whom I am destined to live the rest of my life. I would climb the Eiffel tower if that's what it takes me to prove my love to her. I would give her my life if that means she could have hers. I would ....well you get the idea!

I love Ananya not just because she is beautiful, well beautiful doesn't even begin to cover the whole point. Yeah she is beautiful, absolutely drop dead gorgeous. She has long wavy black hair, that flows down her waist when she doesn't plait it, the way I like it. Some call it black as coal, but I call it black as the night sky. Why would someone compare her shining black hair to something as lifeless as coal is totally beyond me. Its like the night sky on a new moon day, pitch black with stars scattered here there. Soft, silky and inviting.

People say she has black eyes. I say they are blind. She has black brown eyes. The brown appears as a tint on the lower part of her eye ball. You could see the brown tint when her dark eyes lit up with joy or mischief. Yes, Ananya is mischievous, a side of her she hardly portrays. And there fore the beauty of her double colored eye is lost. But upon closer inspection one could always find it. And Ananya is a person who needs close inspection. Nothing is superficial about her. Her eyes are capable of conveying so many things, that are more often than not are missed by her listeners. The subtle change in her eyes are the ways to determine her mood. Her eyes are the best hypnotist on earth. They entrance you, confound you and finally make you forget who you are.

She has a dusky complexion. Smooth, flawless and almost untouchable. Its gives of an illusion that once you touch, it might vanish. Her skin looks like freshly prepared coffee, with a touch of more milk. Just the way I love having my coffee. The way the mere aroma of a coffee brings about a briskness, the mere sight of her brings a new life to you. The way her skin perfectly stretches around her is in itself a statement of perfection outlasting any artificial imitations.

More than anything, its her lips that captures your attention. The perfect rose bud lips, which speaks hundreds of things sans sound, are equally enthralling like her eyes. Her lips are an indicator to her mood too. I love the way she keeps wetting her lips before any exams in an attempt to disguise her irrational fears. Nobody in their right mind would ever think that there is even the slimmest chance of her failing in any exam, that is any body but her. I love the way her lips curve into a smile when she reads the question paper and is satisfied that she knows all the answer. Her lips are capable of forming a perfect ‘O’ when she is totally shocked, like the other day when she found out it was me who had been sending her flowers for the past one month. Her lips carve over her teeth when she is trying to prevent herself from shouting, an expression with which I’m all too much familiar as she uses it against me the maximum.

The way she sits in class, listening to every word spoken by Prof. Raman. The way her cheeks are rested on her soft palms, and a finger idly twisting a lock of her hair when Prof. Manohar is busy boring us with his circuit theories. The way she turns all business-like when in lab and connects the circuits faster than any one of us. The way her eyes dance with joy when she knows she is the first one to have finished her experiment and her output is right. Only if she knows how much I yearn for her eyes to dance the same way when they see me, how much I yearn to stroke her hair or touch her for the mere confirmation that she is a part of our mundane world, to be able to finally believe that she really does exist and is not a mere figment of my imagination. It seems somewhat unfair how she should be allowed such privileges and not even know it.

Shall I compare her with a summer day? Any one would. But how Ananya could be compared to the barren hot summer day is something incomprehensible to me. I would compare her with a bright spring day. Fresh and colorful and full of life. Her mere presence radiates an inexplicable cosmic energy to her surroundings.

All these thing makes me love her even more. I, Uday Kumar, am head over heels in love with Ananya Vishwanath. Not because of her physical beauty but for what she is. Some people have a beautiful face but and ugly mind. Some have the converse. But Ananya is one of those who are blessed with both.

There are people who blindly go about their business without having any true commitment. They change themselves according to the surroundings. They are like the water. Running aimlessly and taking the shape of its container. These people don’t have a defined path. There is no originality in them. There is nothing left in them, its only the outer shell. They are the bold people who act first just because everyone expects them to.

She is not bold, but timid. She might not be in the limelight all the time but she is always there, hovering at the edges and observing everything. She is one of those people who are friends with everyone. Everybody remembers her, for she would have helped them at some point of time. She doesn't always stand up, but more often than not stands out.

There are people who are reckless and to a great extent blind. And we are the people you can trust. Yes, I said we. We are dogs, not in the tongue lolling sense. But the faithful kind. We are brave and reckless and affectionate. We would jump down from eiffel tower if you ordered us to. We ’ll love you with all our heart and wouldn't mind if the love was not returned. We ’ll always be there for you, waiting to hold you during your blue days. You can always expect us to listen to you. Like I said, we’re blind. We never think about the consequences of our actions, and sometimes even if we do, we don’t give a damn and go ahead anyway.

Often we take a lot of risks. For us and more often for others. We are always criticized for living for the moment. But later thanked for relieving those from worrying about what has not happened.

We can be aptly described as wild animals, running from danger to danger. But once the danger has passed never sparing a second thought about it. Instead looking for the next adventure.

Bravery and stupidity are separated by a very thin line, and we are the cat on the wall. Perched precariously on the line, flailing with our arms to keep the balance.

Wild we might be, but even wild animals can be tamed.

Ananya tamed me.

Ananya has a knack of seeing through ones mask. She can always see through those bold people and find the timid ones. The timid people are not cowards to her. To her they are thoughtful and reserved.

Ananya showed me what I was. She never fell for my facade which I wore for everyone else. Unfortunately she couldn’t see beyond it either. Not until I was ready to show her. Every time she refused me and insulted me. My mask cracked. It crumbled to smithereens. I started seeing things in whole new light. I noticed people, I have never given a thought before. Like that girl (I can hear you wondering, why it always is a girl), who sits in the same corner of the library silently taking notes. Or the scrawny junior with round specs who has a big passion for photography.

Ananya, though looks extremely beautiful, is not appealing just because of that. Its about how she carries herself around. Her attitude is what makes her so damn lovable. She is warm in nature but never clingy. She doesn’t make friends for the sake of having friends. She spreads her warmth even to those who don’t deserve it and her care is never fake. She can find light, where to others there is only darkness.

Life is like the brook. ‘Men may come and men may go, but I go on for ever’. Life moves on no matter how much you try to hold on to it. It may bring either relief or devastation. Love is like that too. And I love Ananya Vishwanath.
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