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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Twist in the birthday

This is isn’t anything big. I just celebrated my birthday. Only it was a surprise celebration planned by three of my very good friends. They payed an unannounced visit to my house and we had a good time chatting and teasing each other. I got a call or a message from most people that I expected to remember my birthday. I got a few gifts too. The best one was from my brother like friend who gave me a book title 50 reasons why girls are awesome. Its a facts book that high light how much women have contributed to the society. He isn’t much of a book person, but when he came across that book, it apparently reminded him of me. And so he thought birthday would be perfect occasion to gift it to me. Anyway, I wasn’t planning much for my birthday. But it always feels good to get a surprise on your special day!

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