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Thursday, May 27, 2010

How come everybody spots me when I try to be inconspicious?

Hmm... so today was a very weird and stressful day. I took leave yesterday because it was raining (I know it sounds pathetic to me too). Actually it was my mum’s idea. I tried making her see sense that I have an exam to write and skipping it isn’t the bestest idea. I don’t know what came over her. She was damn insistent on me not going and I knew better than to push her.

Call it my luck, it stopped raining the moment I decided not to go to college. And at around 1 o’clock my HOD called me up from college and asked me to bring my dad along with me to college today. I dutifully agreed and after a few harsh exchanges between me and mum it was all settled. I started my preparation for physics. And for the record, I hate physics!

Later in the evening I was chatting with one of my friends who got his 12th results.(I can’t believe a year has passed since I left school). He was just sending all his marks. And my dad happened to go by that way. He saw his marks. Especially his maths marks. He got 92, while on the other hand I barely managed to pass in that(you got it right, I hate maths too). The look on his face was one of its kind. Disapproval written all over his face. I could practically hear his mind voice screaming “He should have been my son, not you.” Well its not my fault that I take after my mum when it comes to the department of maths, right?

I have always heard about becoming popular over night. I experienced it today. No matter how much ever I tried to hide myself, some how one or the other staff spotted me and started interrogating. Even the peon wouldn’t leave me. It was like the national interrogation day.

Believe me I was made to stand out side the principal’s office just to get my leave form signed. And you wouldn’t meet a stupider person than him. He wouldn’t talk to the student directly. He will instruct the peon, and the peon after lecturing you for another 10 minutes on his behalf would let you go. I spent nearly an hour trying to get my leave form signed. This all happened inspite of my dad coming over to college to get excuse for me. Well, my dad was a bit late (now I know where I got my punctuality skills from) and for that my principal made me write a letter telling that my dad would come later in the morning and that I may please be allowed to write the exam ( why doesn’t he understand I don’t give a damn about his exam?). So finally I was let to write my exam. I wouldn’t say the exam was great, but it could have been worse. Tomorrow is chemistry, my favorite subject. I better go and study. Bye!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Getting drenched was fun...you should try too!

Hiya to the non-existing readers,

So I have decided to turn this blog as a journal kinda thing. Of course I cannot assure daily updates. Come on I don’t write my diary everyday for crying out loud. But yeah I’ll try to be regular.

Before I get into my journal thingy, let me give a normal formal introduction about me. I’m a girl (I swear I am, no matter how much my activities suggest the opposite) and I’m doing first year B.E ECE( yeah, I am doing one of the stupidest course on earth, I know that very well. Thanks for reminding anyway).
Ok so today. Well my model theory exam started today. My first paper was Technical English ( yeah we have that paper in engineering) and before you break your head with complex definitions about the unheard branch of english, let me clarify. Technical English basically deals with basic grammar and stuffs that we have already learnt when we were in 7th or 8th ( I know that’s dumb, but isn’t it what defines engineering? Being dumb). Well needless to say I aced my exam ( I studied CBSE for god’s sake, my school english teacher might suicide otherwise). And unlike every other college (to be read as sane college) we don’t get our days off after the exams. We are made to sit in the college and read for the next day’s exam ( No comments ). So I was preparing  * cough * for tomorrow’s exam, which is Electric circuits and electron devices (EDC in short, no I too don’t know why the abbreviation and the full form do not match). My lecturer walked in, he is short with an angular face and close cropped hair-cut. He was sporting an orange color shirt with multi-color strips along with a light biege color pant. As it is the college rules, the teaching faculties should wear an over coat( which by the way is in navy blue color). Well as you might have guessed I couldn’t help but laugh at his outfit.

Me and dancing diode (he was nick named so by my class boys), are not on the best  of terms ( no surprises there). You see he once asked me to work as a spy for him in the class (just because I’m doing communication engineering doesn’t mean I need to work as an undercover secret communicator right?). I refused to be a ‘spy’ and from then on he’s been giving me the ‘cold shoulder treatment’, not that I mind that much.

So yeah back to class, he started giving tips on how to face examination. Man I should give him credit, he knows how to waste three hours talking nonsense. Wanna know some of his tips?

1.  Read only two units thoroughly, and you’ll pass ( two units amount only to 40 marks and you need minimum of 45 marks to pass ).
2.  Draw only the circuits properly and write some story for the theory. ( I don’t really know what to make of it)
  So on and so forth. He bored us for the entire time with his stupid tips and spoiling the little time I had for preparing. And at last the bell rang ( I should probably treat that peon for his timely action).

I boarded my bus and prepared myself for the long one hour journey, and thats when my friend suggested that we should have pani puri on our way back. The weather was overcast and quite pleasant. And I thought why not. Curse myself for that. The moment we stepped down the bus, it started raining like never before. I got totally drenched, top to bottom. I walked all the way to home, and my mum stood at the gate waiting for me with a murderous look on her face ( she did warn me to take my umbrella, and I forgot as usual). It was all gestures today after that and my continuous sneezing didn’t help matters either.

I was just glad my dinner was served on time. Any way I had a good long nap and woke up with a start when I realised I haven’t prepared for tomorrow’s exam. And thats what I’m going to do now. So catch you all tomorrow.

PS: a friend of mine has asked me to be a co-author in his blog and well I accepted it. Dunno what I was thinking, but I can never drop an opportunity to write something. So you may see me in action there soon too. If you want to check it, the URL link is in the right sidebar. Feel free to check out.

PSS: sorry about the massive run down on the paragraph. I’ll try to keep it short next time. Final bye, I really need to go and study.

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