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New year....A new beginning....

Another year has gone by...and I havent yet achieved anything significant in my life. When ever I am lazy time flies by. And now here we are at this time of the year where you get more advice than help. And gues what??? Its free of cost.

                         So what's new about new year? Hmm..... my friends have become more sensible than me. To tell that I was considered to be the matured person of the lot makes me laugh now. Things have changed a lot, and I never realised that. It all happened so quickly that by the time I noticed the changes it was too late. Everybody else around me has learned to cope up with their life and get the best out of it. While here I am still sulking and mopping over things that were never under my control. I am still hanging on to my better memories of past and neglecting the hurdle filled present life. And what is worse? I was accusing people for being happy. For being able to be at ease with their present life. In simpler terms to enjoy life. When I should have been happy for them. Even though I try to convince my self that what ever I am doing is the reflection of the bad things that are happening to me, I know its not entirely true.

                         The feelings of my heart and the analysis of my brain are fighting. It is a tough battle to judge. And I am in the middle of it like a cat on the fence. Unsure which side to jump. Whenever my brain and my heart race with their own logics and reasons, they are sure to crash. And they CRASHED today. Only that nothing bad happened. Things weren't solved for me, but I at least learned to cope up with them. Of course I was helped by my friends. I don't proclaim it often, but I sure am very proud of my friends. Not just because they are totally cool and crazy, but because they never abandon me even if I act like a classic jerk, like I did today!

                          So now I have decided, that from this new year onwards I would learn to store away my past as the most beutiful art film of my life and get ready to take on my present. I am sure its gonna be hurdle filled and adventurous, then again what else is life all about?
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