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Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Dancing Me!


Looong time no see.... So here I'm with nothing very exciting, but some happy snaps and some not-so-happy incidents. As is the procedure, I'll get on with the not-so-happy incidents.
First of all college started. So yeah, now I am in second year of the wretched engineering course, on the upside I’M A SENIOR NOW and one year of purgatory is over. On the downside, there is still three more years left. Also the second year syllabus is damn tough. I almost fainted glancing at the syllabus and course plan. And to add to the burden there are new rules in the college. Like, we, the students, should have the detailed course plan written neatly in our class work notes. We’ll be given tutorial sheets for every unit for which internal marks will be allotted. There are five unit tests, that need to be compulsorily conducted. And of course no holidays or even half working days on Saturdays.

Seriously though, what do I have to do with the course plan? Its for the staffs’ convenience. Its kind of their timetable. We spent the first day of college writing those stupid course plans for all seven periods.

It doesn’t stop their either. For this second year, I’m the CLASS REPRESENTATIVE (CR). And no this is not something of which I’m proud. I detest being a CR, not because I don’t like responsibilities or duties or any thing. I’m not exactly new to all these. I have my own fair shares of being a class monitor at school. May be I should make it more clear, I detest being a CR in this college. I can shoulder all responsibilities and stuffs, its the scoldings that I can’t seem to take it with a closed mouth. But I guess I need to get on with it and make the most of it while I can. Of course the possibilities seem quite dull to me too.

And then the syllabus of this semester. Its specifically designed to kill us, slowly, in the most torturous way possible. Well there can be no other explanation for having three papers solely dedicated to mathematics. I just can’t believe that god could hate me to this extent! May be this what they call serving the karma.

So on to the happy incidents. I DANCED yesterday....after a looooong time too, I might add. And it felt great to perform. And JIPMER auditorium is a treat for any performer. But yesterday, it wasn’t that good, especially the lighting. I’ll upload a few snaps of those happy moments! 

 Yeah, I know some of the snaps aren't very good. Blame it either on the poor lighting of the auditorium or the poor zooming capacity of my digital camera! Either way, I'm not at fault.

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namita ♥♫ said...

hiya :)
first off the pics r ttly osm... lightg n all othe techy stuff wid de pics r jus perfect,
quite an interestg journal...
keep writing
ciao :D

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