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Douglas Adams

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AAL izz Well

   मुर्गी क्या जाने अंडे का क्या होगा ,

       life मिलेगी या तवे पे fry होगा |

   कोई ना जाने अपना future क्या होगा,

       तो होंट घुमाओ, सीन्ठी बजाओ, सीन्ठी बजाके बोल

               भैया aal izz well!
I don't know if any body could explain the principle of life in a nut shell better than this. mind blowing lyrics. and I don't think I have a good enough vocabulary to actually admire and appreciate the movie. 3 Idiots is one of its kind. I was never a big aamir fan, but today I bow down and say

जहाम्पना तूसी great हो|
 I was spell bound by the magic he worked on me for the entire time. and for Rajkumar Hirani, all I can say is - man he knows how to advice! to me the funniest pasrt was when 'virus' asks 'how an induction motor starts?' and 'raju' gave him a demo! I was laughing so hard that I  almost fell off from my seats.

But the best part of the movie was farhan being accepted by his dad for what he actually wants. I was totally moved! It might be because I'm facing something like him. I have always wanted to be a writer...I still do... But unfortunately I was forced into Engineering. Maths and Physics are the bane of my existence...Now Engineerin Graphics has joined the club... The Earth might revolve in the opposite direction, but i can never get math and physics into my head. They just keep bouncing above my head like a ball ricocheting off of a wall. Its just a tad bit depressing that my dad wasn't convinced by that movie so much so that he would let me drop it.... My luck again I guess!

Well, all I'm afraid of is that one day I might get convinced that I really deserve to be an Engineering... I'm afraid that I might be pushed into believing that I make a better engineer than a writer! That day would probably be the day when all the little of what I am thats left in me would have evaporated, and i would be a normal person... just like everybody...
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