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Monday, August 02, 2010

Fighting For Rights..The Gandhiyan Way

Nothing was new today morning. I woke up with the usual Monday blues, college makes my Monday more sober than anything. I went about my routines and by 8.55 a.m., I was at the gate of my college. And guess what? The entire male population of the college was standing outside the college. it appeared like they were having a reunion of some sorts,but no. Apparently they all were planning to go on strike. And we didn’t even knew. Figures!

        And the strike was exactly the Gandhian way...no breaking of glasses, no shouting of profanities, no banners or posters or rallies or burning the buses. All of the girls were even allowed into the college. The fun began inside. The Jhansi Rani-s of our college decided that its time we do something productive too. They all paraded out of the college, followed by a few of the stupid and courageous second years. Only to be dragged back in by the staffs. The timid and sensible girls stayed inside. Waiting for the right time, I guess. Only the right time never came. The funniest part was that all the boys were already inside the college. The girls were unaware of this. They marched out with an intention to join them, I suppose. I could never find the real motive.

The guys came to each of our classes and requested us to join them. We tried, but we were blocked again. We didn’t knew where the actual protesting was going on. Or rather for what they are protesting. Trust me, I knew the demands of the strike only by mid day. By then the college announced holidays until further intimation of reopening was given. I guess this is what is called a turmoil. I was all anxious about my unfinished record works this morning, and now I don’t know when the college will reopen. I am still not sure if this is a good thing or bad. The worst part is that, I am not sure if I will participate in the strike. Does that make me cowardly or sensible?? I am yet to find the answers...


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