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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Mystery Man..

I met someone a month ago, who is still a mystery to me. I may not be very good at figuring out people. But this man is beyond anybody’s comprehension. He is so bloody intriguing at times, that it is creepy.

He is tall, dark and handsome. His long hands and perfect stride catches everybody’s attention. His black and bewitching eyes misses nothing. His alluring smile and witty words mesmerizes his listeners. And to top it all he is omnipresent. He has a knack of catching you at the wrong time and wrong place, correctly. He appears out of thin air behind your back exactly when you are cracking a joke about him. Unlike everybody else, he catches you at your wrong act and lets you go free without any punishment. The bottom line is ‘You are being watched!’. It is more than enough to drive you crazy. I have been watching my back every time I even think of him, afraid that he might somehow hear my thoughts too. Absurd, I know but he instigates such terror. The fear of him is so deeply etched into your mind, its like the blood in your veins. You don’t always feel it, but its there. Steadily running through your body, becoming a part and parcel of you.

But there is nothing to fear about him, or so he says. True. He is never harsh. He is hardly ever loud. The words flow from his mouth like the way you spread butter on your bread. Soft, caressing and velvety. He never punishes you for anything, but the warning can be seen in his eyes. He stares into your eyes, probing your mind, scanning your soul, making you feel naked and vulnerable.

He is funny, calculative and creative. Cunning but not criminal. He may not be daring, but shrewd and sharp. He is never in the lime light, but hangs in the background watching every action silently. He is so silent that he is almost invisible to the superficial eyes. He is unfathomable, which pushes you to unravel the mystery around him. The more we rack our brains, the more puzzling he is. He is the mystery man, intriguing you with his eyes, attracting you with his smile, luring you with his words and leaving you puzzled about your past, present and future!

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