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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mystery Man - part II

Disclaimer: I only own mystery man, the whole article was written by a friend of mine.

There's this guy I met about a month ago. He was kinda mysterious. It may be just me, but I feel he's beyond anyone's wildest nightmares! He always has a cloak-and-dagger look in his eyes, that it can freak anyone out.

He is ridiculously tall, and pitch black. I mean, when he is standing in the dark, one cannot figure out where he is standing. His hands, also ridiculously long, and his style of walking, are the centrrs of everybody's attention. His constantly shifting eyes miss out nothing. His alluring smile (like that of a vampire) and wisecracks hypnotise his listeners. And to top it all, he is psychic! He has the knack of catching you when you happen to be in the wrong place and wrong time, even if you were doing nothing harmful. He materialises behind you (which is enough to freak anyone out) just when you crack a joke about him. But, he thinks he's so cool and wise, that he lets you go scotfree after he catches you doing something wrong. He wants everyone to know that "they're being watched"! It's more than enough to drive any sane person crazy. I keep looking over my shoulder everytime I think of him, because I'm scared that he might hear my thoughts too. It might look absurd, but it could also be possible. He has instilled such terror in everyone, that it runs like blood in the veins. Steadily running through your body, searching for weak spots that can be taken down.

But, apparently, there's nothing to fear about him, as he says. I must reluctantly agree that it is true, He is never harsh, and seldom loud. His words are like butter on bread. Soft, caressing, velvety. He never punishes you for anything, but he has that smug all-knowing look in his eyes. He stares into your eyes, probing your mind, scanning your soul, making you feel as though spiders are crawling up your back.

He thinks he is funny. He is calculative, and creative. Cunning, though I hope not criminal. He may not be daring, but shrewd and sharp. He reminds one not of the brave lion, but of the cunning fox. He doesn't draw attention, which probably suits his purposes. He is so sneaky that he is invisible to the superficial eyes. He has an air of dark mystery around him, which forces you to break through his indestructible barrier of smugness. He is the mystery man, confusing you with his eyes, hypnotising you with his smile, luring you with his words and leaving you confused about your past, present and future!

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